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  • statutory audit;
  • audit, review, agreed-upon procedures with respect to an individual, combined and consolidated financial statements under IFRS;
  • tax audit;
  • proactive audit;
  • compliance with agreed procedures (according to individual customer performance specifications).


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  • Transformation of financial statements prepared in accordance with RAS to IFRS;
  • Development of the consolidated financial statements under IFRS for the Group parent companies;
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements for the auditors, investors and other interested users.


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  • accounting consultancy
  • tax consultancy
  • business planning and getting a loan in credit institutions
  • restoration of accounting and bookkeeping;
  • auditing, enterprise asset inventory

Tax & Law

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  • tax advice on complex issues;
  • identification and updating of tax reserves;
  • tax and economic arbitration;
  • support of companies during tax audits;
  • analysis of the tax consequences of transactions;
  • development of guidance documents for tax accounting.

Examination of Tariffs

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Under construction



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  • business valuation and cost analysis;
  • valuation of real estate of various types;
  • valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property;
  • estimation of the cost of machinery, equipment and vehicles;
  • evaluation of investment projects, investment analysis;
  • development of business plans and feasibility studies;
  • the estimated fair value of the assets to transform statements in accordance with IFRS principles.

Implementation & Certification of Quality Management Systems

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  • Administrative systems;
  • ISO 9001;
  • ISO 14001;
  • SA 8000;
  • HACCP;
  • OHCCP;
  • the "Gazprom" set of standards 9000, which have a status of organization standards;
  • IRIS;
  • Integrated systems;
  • Management by Objectives;
  • SWOP-analysis;
  • Balanced Studio;
  • Environmental audits.